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 This mnemonic  blends the  21 notes of the bass and treble clefs into a single story. Giving you the letter and the exact position on the keyboard. It is useful to pinpoint  particular notes as fly sharp, bridges, dragons flat. Perhaps you can think of another story.

More information on this beginners/late starters notation is to be found on


It takes a while to learn all the major and minor triads on the piano. Click here for a guide on your journey.

What makes the piano special? Click here for some background.

Playing scales which need different fingering for each hand can present difficulties for the learner. Click here to print off charts that place all the 24 major and minor scales  in three groups according to the pattern created between the fingering of both hands.

Piano music expects you to solve a string of puzzles

-Are you trying to read treble or bass clef?

-Can you count up and down the clef without getting lost?

-Is there any key signature to remember?

-Is there any accidental to remember?

When you got the note right then you can tackle the rhythmic puzzles.

Here is a Minuet written in a way that reduces the puzzle content, but is otherwise very similar to the normal sheet music. It is taken from the Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach.

Every key signature offers you seven notes. Out of those seven, only two notes usually win the battle for supremacy, the major tonic and the minor tonic, do and la. That can’t be fair. Don’t any of the other five notes get to be tonic? Sometimes they do, each creating their own atmosphere. Check out Scales, Modes and Chords by Key Signature for Piano .Click on the title for a link to ebay.co.uk. It will be posted to you straight from the shoe box under the bed but I will have time to write a dedication.Let me know what you would like.

The front cover shows Miles Davis jamming in the Dorian mode with Renaissance angels

Click here for an arrangement of the Chanuka song Maoz Tsur for beginner’s piano. The left hand is simple but melodic.