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Head of a flawed philosopher. This is the head of Epicurus whose principle beliefs where that happiness can be achieved by living a simple life in the company of friends: that the gods may exist but that they are distant and not terribly interested in human affairs so best ignored: that there is nothing to fear after death as you just cease to exist: that you should avoid any quest for wealth and power. There is a flaw. If you have no power you cannot defend yourself and sooner or later someone will come along and crush you and your philosophy.

This plaster caste half head, to be wall hung, was made from a mould by artist Katherine Oppel taken from a full bust based on the original in the Vatican museum

kindly given to me by an Italian Epicurian, Michele Pinto.

I was fascinated to see our cat Blue aka Big Ron (RIP) drinking from the kitchen tap and thought “How unusual!”. I shared the video on YouTube only to find he was joining hundreds of other cats with a liking for running water. Here’s the link:


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